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From the beginning, the commitment to excellence made the difference.

In 1995 Erika Sierra, bilingual in English and Spanish, began interpreting. The timing coincided with a dawning understanding by California legislators and corporations of the value of effective communication in claims management. By 2002, Erika had completed her training at the Southern California School of Interpreting. Immediately, she began to interpret and translate for physicians and insurance companies. Erika quickly established a reputation for a passionate commitment to excellence in interpretation and translation services.

It was her drive for distinctive interpretation and translation services that led to a fast-growing large client base including several physicians and medical facilities in the San Diego area. Before long, Erika Sierra’s reputation and exacting standards brought in more business than she could manage on her own. Erika decided to expand into Sierra Interpreting by hiring, training, and requiring the same exact standards from new employees as she held herself to. She searched for and found interpreters with similar work ethics and the same commitment to excellence that Erika provided to her clients.

As Sierra Interpreting has grown, Erika remained committed to maintaining levels of service that she feels should be expected of all language professionals. Her hands-on approach with all aspects of Her Interpretation and translation business has brought herincredibly talented and passionate employees and contractors. Sierra is blessed to have them and can’t wait to show you that quality and professionalism is just the beginning.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities:

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Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Who We Are Today

Sierra Interpreting Inc. Is a full-service language solutions provider offering on-location telephonic and written translation services. Our more than six hundred language professionals assist physicians, attorneys, insurance adjusters, nurse case managers, and injured workers to break down the barriers of language.

Based on our clients’ needs, recognized over years of experience in the industry, Sierra Interpreting has developed unique programs that specialize in medical, legal and worker’s compensation. In each case, we strive to offer the most talented and professional interpreters in the industry. Get more information here, schedule an interpreter here, or call us at (949)713-6484